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Preventive Crane Maintenance

By scheduling routine crane repairs, maintenance work, and inspections, we here at Capital Cranes and Hoists can help prevent your crane, hoist and switchboard from encountering safety issues and ensuring that uncontrolled breakdowns are avoided.

Please Note! Our preventative crane maintenance services are customised to focus on your specific crane, hoist and of course your business needs. This helps to minimise downtime inconveniences and means that we will not undertake any unnecessary crane maintenance activities.

Other Services & Maintenance services include:

  • Crane Inspections
  • Emergency Crane Repairs
  • Crane Parts
  • Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Crane Rebuilds and Overhauls

Our Crane Servicing and Maintenance technicians are available 24/7 to help ensure that your Capital Crane offers a high level of reliability and productivity. Please contact us via phone, fax or email if you need our assistance.

Crane Repairs, Crane Parts and Overhauls

Our crane maintenance services deliver the highest life cycle value to all of our customers both in Australia and abroad. This is because we understand that when you invest in one of our cranes, you are investing in a piece of equipment that must have a high level of reliability and productivity, while still keeping costs at a reasonable level.

Crane Safety and Performance

For more than two decades we have been manufacturing and servicing cranes for both the local Australian market and the Indonesian, African and Eastern European export market.

We provide complete crane safety, performance and reliability services that include everything from mandatory inspections to full service maintenance providing crane service log books for all cranes.

Our 10/25 year inspections comply with AS 2550.1-2011 Parts 1/3 and local legislative requirements to ensure cranes are kept in a safe and satisfactory condition for continued safe use.

Trusted Customers

The following is a small selection of some of our many clients, both in Australia and abroad.


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