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Imported from Italy & Germany, Perfected in Australia

SWF Nova

The NOVA is for loads up to 80 t.

The main feature of the NOVA electric wire rope hoist is the extremely large diameter of the rope drum, which provides first-class protection of the rope, but there are also other features which guarantee safe and very cost-effective use.

NOVA lifts the load with virtually no lateral hook movement at all. The swinging of the load is prevented and secure handling is guaranteed. At the same time, this can help to reduce the costs for the crane design.

Standard equipment:

  • 2-speed hoisting motors (6/1)
  • Hoist condition monitoring system NovaMaster with Safe Working Period Counter (NOVA NE/NF)
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Thermal protection for hoisting and travelling motors
  • Travelling machinery with frequency inverter, 2-step or stepless
  • Standard 3-phase voltages 380/400/415 V 50 Hz; 440/460/480 V 60 Hz
  • IP 55 protection, duty factor 60%
  • Electrical assembly and wiring in accordance with IEC standards
  • Epoxy paint, 60 μm
Products - Wire Rope Hoists

Donati DRH Series

The DRH series electric wire rope hoists are made with modular components. This allows multiple normalised or special executions to be made quickly, economically but most importantly, safely.

The range of the DRH series electric wire rope hoists has been developed in:

  • 4 basic sizes, DRH 1-2-3-4, to lift from 800 to 50,000 kg, in the FEM service group (ISO) 1Bm (M3) – 1Am (M4) – 2m (M5) – 3M (M6).
  • with one lifting speed made with a 4 pole motor:
    4 or 6 m/min for 4 rope falls hoists
    8 or 12 m/min for 2 rope falls hoists
  • with two speeds made with a 4/12 pole motor:
    4/1,3 or 6/2 m/min for 4 rope falls hoists
    8/2,6 or 12/4 m/min for 2 rope falls hoists
  • with three speeds made with a 4/12 pole motor, the micro speed is made by a frequency control device
  • 5 standard versions with a: short (C), normal (N), long (L) or extra long (X1 and X2) drum lengths, for hook runs from 4 to 58m.

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