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SWF and Donati Chain Hoists

We work with the leading global players in crane and hoisting equipment, SWF and Donati. At all times and in all places, they apply to the highest and the most demanding standards. A perfect complement to our Australian designed and manufactured cranes.


The CHAINster is for loads up to 5,000 kg. It has high safety in operation, optimal space utilisation and low installation and maintenance costs.

Standard equipment:

  • Mechanical overload device
  • 2 step upper and lower emergency lifting limit switch
  • Thermal protection for lifting motor
  • Control pendant IP65 with emergency button, with plug
  • Lifetime brake
  • Separate brake rectifier
  • Protection IP55, isolation class H
  • Ambient temperature ¬20 °C up to +50 °C
  • Epoxy powder painting, 70 μm

With a range of additional features available.

Products - Electric Chain Hoists

Donati DMK Series

The DMK electric chain hoists are produced according to the design of modular components which, assembled together in relation to commercial needs, as well as the standard versions available in the warehouse, allow various standardised and special executions to be carried out rapidly and economically.

The range of DMK electric chain hoists series is produced in:

  • 4 basic sizes: DMK 1-2-3-4, to lift loads from 100 to 4000kg, available as standard executions, in the FEM (ISO) service units – 1Bm (M3) – 1Am (M4) – 2m (M5)
  • with one lifting speed made with a 1 polarity motor:
    4 or 6,3; 8; 16 m/min for 1 chain fall hoists
    2,5 or 3,2;4 m/min for 2 chain fall hoists
  • with two lifting speeds made with pole change motor:
    4/1, 2 or 8/2,5 m/min for 1 chain fall hoists
    2,5/0,8 or 3,2/1 m/min for 2 chain fall hoists
  • standard hook runs: up to 12m
    above 12m available on request
Products - Electric Chain Hoists

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