Technology is Here to Stay

Capital Cranes is proud to announce a new partnership between Capital Cranes & Hoists (AUST) and SWF Krantechnik. A range of SWF products and equipment are currently available including Electric Wire Rope Hoists, Chain Hoists, Crane Kits and Hazardous Area Equipment.

Capital Cranes & Hoists and SWF Krantechnik Partnership

Technology for the highest and the most demanding standards

SWF is one of the leading global players in crane and hoisting equipment. At all times and in all places, SWF applies to the highest and the most demanding standards – those of our customers.

Our customers are independent crane manufacturers, lifting equipment re-sellers and service companies. They use SWF hoists and components because they perform better, offer advantages and can do more than the average products on the market. Quick decisions and flexible acting makes it easy to deal with SWF furthermore.

Close to every SWF product there stands a reliable local partner who knows precisely what counts. In this way installations are built to perform better, systems to work and last longer – systems with first class service and optimum efficiency, ideally customised to the end users needs.